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In the Hybrid Race Ahead, Future-Ready Partners Will Be Poised to Win

When HP launched the AmplifyTMPartner Program in 2020, the world of work had begun a massive transformation. Over the past few years, this transformation rapidly accelerated, prompting new work models. This new challenge motivated businesses to continue to modernize their IT infrastructure to adjust to our new hybrid work reality. And the race to equip businesses and workers with the right tools has only just begun. The key to success: a future-ready channel that unlocks additional growth avenues, keeps innovation at the core and leads with purpose.

Embracing Change to Deliver Future-Ready Services

There's a famous Chinese proverb that says: "When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills."­ This could not be more relevant to HP's new Workforce Services and Solutions (WSS) business. Last November, HP formed a new organization that combines hardware, software and services to deliver flexible, future-ready workforce solutions. We are now here at HP Amplify Partner Conference embracing change and delivering an important message to our channel partners: you are key to our mutual success. In this blog, Dave Shull, President of WSS, dives into the incredible growth opportunity and HP's commitment to helping our channel partners win.

Three Pillars of Innovation are Essential as a Channel-Driven Company in an Evolving Landscape

Put the words technology and innovation in the same sentence, and you’ll likely hear about product development. Products, alone, will always be crucial to any technology company’s success. But more and more, a rapidly growing area of opportunity lies in the experience that surrounds the purchase of a product or service. Read more on how these shifts are impacting sellers in the IT channel.

Harnessing the Power of Sustainable Impact to Unlock Partner Growth & Celebrating Sustainability Achievements with the HP Amplify Impact Awards

An increasing focus on sustainability regulations across the globe in 2023 underscore a growing emphasis on consistency, transparency and collaboration to accelerate climate action, human rights and digital equity. As companies and stakeholders face new tensions, many will be forced to weigh long-term sustainable impact goals against near-term financial considerations. Despite these complex challenges, one thing is certain: companies must focus on wide-scale collaboration as a business imperative to drive meaningful industry-wide change. This will be the key to navigating our current sustainability landscape.

2023 as-a-Service Trends

2023 will be a novel year for things like AI, battery tech and chip fab. It just so happens that the conditions are ripe for another area to boom: as-a-Service. As we look ahead, Dave Shull, President of HP Workforce Services and Solutions, reflects on what we can learn from the as-a-Service industry moving into 2023, focusing on three of the most enduring trends that we see emerging: adaptation, simplicity and trust.

HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report

Our latest HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report reveals that archive files like .ZIP have overtaken Office as the top malicious file type for the first time. ­ Archive files like .ZIP can easily be encrypted, making it easier for cybercriminals to conceal malware. They can also bypass detection tools, especially when coupled with HTML smuggling techniques, where convincing spoofed pages convince the user to deploy the malware on their own machines. Ultimately this means more malicious emails will land in users’ inboxes, putting organizations at risk of attack.